• The assessing system is able to process data from unlimited element number
  • It provides exact information about existing competences that can be and needed to be improved from the demand side of labour market
  • It is capable of HR benchmarking in branches and trade groups
  • It makes a national cadaster of existing / improvable competencies
  • It can provide objective data for source allocation considering regional differences of labour market
  • It is able to survey alleged and actual factors of employment and to identify the necessity of interventional points in labour market
  • It is capable of creating adequate statistics, information covering the given fields (even geographical or trade group fields) within a short period of time
  • Following the first assessment after the entrance to the system, annual re-assessment can be taken that can show the given person’s changes and improvement. Involvement of a given person in several programmes does not result in duplication but it makes improvement monitoring possible
  • It gives opportunity for comparative analysis and even for information about mobilizability of regionally available manpower
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